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- - - 11/05/2005 01:00 - - -
Hello, I just wanted to say that I'm still alive. I've started to study at the University of Karlsruhe (TH). Therefore I'll get much work in future. I'll let hear something from me if there is something new about the oilcomputer.

- - - 08/22/2005 09:00 - - -
I'm searching somebody who can / want's to help me migrating my wohle homepage to a wiki.

- - - 06/04/2005 10:00 - - -
I've created a faq in the wiki. A translation into english is missing at the moment.

- - - 05/21/2005 19:00 - - -
The upcoming weeks I have to concentrate on my Abitur. Therefore you'll hear fewer from me. After my Abitur I'll be completely back. Then I'll also build a new page.

- - - 05/17/2005 14:30 - - -
Technical problems have been solved, e-mails answered and pages updated.

- - - 05/14/2005 13:30 - - -
A full month has gone by since you last heard something from me. First I want to say sorry for that. The last week I was on holiday with my class.
Next I just want to say thank you very much for your interest in this project.
In future I want to work more on this page, so stay tuned.
You'll hear from me ;)

- - - 04/14/2005 16:30 - - -
After many things went wrong during the last 24 hours (thanks Murphy), everything seems to work again now.

- - - 04/13/2005 12:30 - - -

Looks like the wiki isn't working. please use the old one until i've found a solution. I've got no time to finish the translation of the page completely today, sorry.

- - - 04/13/2005 11:00 - - -
Site has moved today to another server, so there might be trouble.

Hi, there is now an english discussion board in the "forum"-section on the left.I will translate the whole site into english tomorrow.

Now I installed my own board. I hope it works :)
Please use the local board on this page now instead of the gentoo forum. I'll keep the link online so that everyone can read the discussion there.

The wiki is now installed. If you have any suggestions what has to be done there, let me know about it.

New pictures!
(Further down, there are a few pictures of a friend's oilcomputer.)

ö is now registered.

The old discussions thread in gentoo-forums: webhosting
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